Original Acrylic Painting – Ona


Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig

Ona, the iconic painting featuring a woman made out of green acrylic paint applied on a canvas. This gives her an otherworldly and almost alien-like appearance. But don’t be fooled, this is not a real woman, this is merely a painting. I know, I know her enigmatic smile takes on a whole new level of mystery as you can’t help but wonder where she’s from and what kind of life she’s living, but this is actually just paint on a canvas. Yes, the canvas and the paint are real, but she is just a concept formed in your head. The background of the painting is a solid yellow, contrasting with the green tone of her skin so much that it makes it look like a surreal dream, which it is, wake up Thomas. Ona’s enigmatic smile makes her look, as if she knows something that we don’t, which is impossible. You know everything.


Acrylic Painting on Canvas

Size: 50×40 cm

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