Art Poster – Diod


Verfügbarkeit: Vorrätig


In perfect Darkness, in the nothingness of this world, a being wanted to arise and live. It looked into the darkness, and saw nothing, except this all devouring emptiness. All senses were mixed.
There was neither rhythm nor light. Everything was one with itself. A sound was all-encompassing, like the deepest black of a
threatening night.

In this yawning void, this all-encompassing space, a being pupated in a cocoon. The being felt the border it created. It felt that there was something there. Something besides itself. A wall that could not be penetrated easily.

It became tired.
A feeling that it did not know until that moment. Something that pulled it away from the world, its known environment.
Emotion. FEar. PANIC.
It hurt to feel how the world around it was withdrawing. It could feel how it was torn away from everything it knew so far and fell into a long SLeep.

Art Print Poster
Size: 70×50 cm
printed on thick 270 g/m² paper

Due to difference in computer display + printing colors this poster will look a bit darker in real life than on the preview image.

There may be slight changes to the framing of the motif, due to printing cuts.

If you want to be absolutely sure, just send me an e-mail and I will send you a photo of the poster.